Fitness Wearable Tech

In this project, we worked hand in hand with a spin-off to help them turn the technology they had developed into a marketable product. The main aim was defining the app’s UI/UX, how it would communicate with the pods and what kind of data we wanted to show the user. The app allows users to track certain indicators such as speed per km, total steps, stride length, and some more specific ones such as pronation angle for both feet, impact G’s, and more.

Desktop Visuals

Although the app is the main interface for users while they’re working out, we provide a more complete interface for in-depth analysis of the data provided by the pods on desktop:


After some ideation sessions, we came up with a modern/sharp approach to Fleap’s branding. Although its price point wasn’t going to be expensive, we wanted Fleap to look professional, hence the dark overall colors. The brand conveys the idea of simple analytics & understandable data, yet complex technology.