Erasing barriers to solve school conflicts

Our role was to define Koko’s visual identity, but most importantly, to conceptualize and design their core product. Koko connects students whit problems to school counselors, by providing both with an anonymous communication channel along with a short questionnaire to help schools visualize and classify these incidents.

Material for all devices

Maintaining a lean approach to the project was key from the beginning. As this is the first version of their product, they needed a flexible system in order to implement future changes in an easy and modular way, so we decided that the best option was to use an adapted version of Material Design’s guidelines.


The target audience for Koko are children, so we decided to opt for an easily identifiable symbol, and simple round type for the logo.


We focused on funneling the different types of visitors through the different sections of the landing. Again, the core idea was to keep it simple to allow Koko’s team to easily modify the different modules as the product and discourse evolve.